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Aluminum Industry since 1969

METALUMIN SA is active in the field of aluminum extrusion and is one of the first industries of its kind in Greece.
Its offices, exhibition and factory, cover an area of 23,000 square meters and are located in the center of the Attica Basin, next to the National Road Athens – Thessaloniki (Metamorphosis Bridge). A short distance from the National Road and Rail network as well as from the port of Piraeus, it can and does distribute its products directly in the Greek and foreign markets.

Our VISION is the continuous improvement for the exemplary satisfaction of the needs of its customers.

Οι Our VALUES that shape the corporate and business perception and practice of METALUMIN are: Consistency, Reliability, Cooperation, Human Relations.


Fields Of Activities

Architectural Aluminium Systems

METALUMIN specializes in the study, design and production of architectural aluminum profiles for doors and windows. We cover the entire range of opening and sliding frames, thermal and non-thermal, with the availability of a full range of accessories & rubbers for all series.

Standard and Custom Made Industrial Profile

Production of special profiles for industrial and craft uses custom made (stairs, lighting, railings, greenhouses, aluminum fences, architectural elements, bases and frames of solar panels, frames of awnings and armchairs, etc.). In our modern processing unit of our factory, we can produce and process any profile at low cost.

Aluminium Mounting Systems for Photovoltaic Collectors

Design and production of fixed and adjustable aluminum mounting systems for photovoltaic collectors, in outdoor areas (field), industrial roofs and domestic installations (flat or tiled roofs), adapted to the respective project requirements.

International Presence

Optimized Export Logistics

Logistics is vital in company operations. METALOUMIN products are found in Greece, abroad, and overseas, in residences, hotels, commercial, industrial, and military facilities, general and special-purpose public buildings (like schools and hospitals), P/V power stations, etc. In tough natural and/or business environments, even extreme climatic conditions. Notable examples are P/V stations in Chile, at a 4,300m altitude, and in the United Arab Emirates, on a tidal coastline. Similar cases, demanding technological know-how and reliability, are the P/V stations of Dubai Airport (6,000 sq.m.), the Apple roof in Saudi Arabia, and the water repositories of Malta. Geographically, the company’s activities extend from the Middle East to South America and from Scandinavia to Africa. These require good and in-depth logistical control, which makes METALOUMIN a global traveler.