METALOUMIN upgrades the… Metaxourgeio District

The Newel Hotels family trusted Metaloumin to offer quality, innovation and high aesthetics, in The Newel Metaxourgeio.

In the District of Metaxourgeio, the hotel is housed in a five-storey, elegant, renovated building, reflecting high aesthetics and architectural harmony, with a minimal tone in interior design and decoration.

Spaces with METALOUMIN envelope systems

Specially designed, with attention to detail and visitors’ special needs, equipped with METALOUMIN energy-conserving doors, the apartments at “The Newel Metaxourgeio”, exude a sense of homely warmth and modern elegance, ensuring an excellent stay.

By installation end, the overall comfort of the interior of “The Newel Metaxourgeio” was notably improved. As in other properties of the series, so in the Metaxourgeio building, METALOUMIN, featuring fully certified, reliable and modern aluminum systems for sound and thermo-insulating doors, contributed decisively to a hospitable combination of indoor ambience and external environment of the building.

Through reducing temperature fluctuations – typically caused by window and other openings – METALOUMIN thermo-insulating profiles helped eliminate cold spots and drafts in winter, or warm ones in summer, creating a more dependable living environment.

A strong connection between indoor environment and outdoor physical surroundings was further upheld by the design of Metaloumin thermal insulation profiles, so as to allow plenty of natural light and ventilation in all visited and functional spaces provided.

Finally, the above features, reduced dependency on auxiliary climate and lighting systems, by helping maintain desirable indoor temperatures and lighting conditions, year-long. This led to reduced energy costs, with positive effects on the carbon footprint of the property.

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