Building a Renewable Tomorrow with11MW of Clean, Energy in North Macedonia

Building a Renewable Tomorrow with11MW of Clean, Energy in North Macedonia

Solar Spektar and Metaloumin drive solar In N. Macedonia

Welcome to the future of sustainable energy with Solar Spektar’s 11MW single-pile-landscape ground photovoltaic mountings project, proudly designed by Metaloumin in North Macedonia. Set against the scenic backdrop of the region, this innovative solar installation marks a significant milestone in our global commitment for a greener, more sustainable future.

The project boasts over 20,000 high-efficiency solar panels, supported by a cutting-edge mixed structure of aluminum and steel. The structure’s fixed inclination of 25 degrees ensures maximum sunlight absorption for this structure type, enhancing overall energy output.

By harnessing the power of the sun, the solar farm will significantly reduce carbon emissions, contributing to North Macedonia’s renewable energy targets. The project aligns with international sustainability goals, reinforcing commitments to a cleaner and healthier planet.

Completed in 2023, the project helped shape a conservationist outlook for North Macedonia. With environment-friendly energy in focus, the plant ushers the new era of clean power, in an operation that is not just about meeting today’s energy demands, but instead, shaping a sustainable tomorrow for the country.

Solar Spektar and Metaloumin are both dedicated to fostering positive relationships with local communities. Through ongoing dialogue and related updates, both aim to create shared value and ensure that projects’ benefits in North Macedonia, extend to all involved.


System Type:M-FS-102L Single pile (for panel type:JAM72D30-545/MB)
Material:Aluminum rails (mill-finished), galvanized steel substructure
Inclination:Fixed 25°
Panel Dimensions:2285 x 1134 x 35mm
Panel Power/No:545W/ 20,148
Peak Power:10,980.66kWp
Foundation Type:Pile Ramming
Wind Load:23.71m/s
Snow Load:0.69kN/m2


  • EN ISO 9001: 2015 TÜV Austria CERT
  • EN ISO 14001: 2015 TÜV Austria CERT
  • EUR1 Certificate
  • Conditional warranty 25 years for materials
  • PV mounting structure designed to cater to 25 years plant life
  • CE Declaration of origin and conformity
  • Technical specifications of the aluminum alloy 606355 or 606040
  • UNITED NATIONS’ certification granting METALOUMIN SA among UN Registered Vendors