The Nkana Regional Mall, Zambia

The Nkana Regional Mall, Zambia

Metaloumin architectural profiles elevate regional shopping experience in Kitwe, Zambia

Metaloumin SA proudly announced the successful completion of the Nkana Regional Mall in Kitwe, Zambia, featuring Metaloumin architectural openings, with benefits for tenants and visitors alike.

A. Aesthetic Elegance and Durability
Metaloumin SA’s architectural aluminum profiles contribute to the 90-store regional shopping center’s aesthetic appeal, providing a sleek and contemporary look. The durability of aluminum ensures a long-lasting, low-maintenance infrastructure, that will continue to enhance the center’s visual appeal for years to come.

B. Energy-Efficient Solutions and Optimized Shopping Experience
The aluminum profile openings incorporate energy-efficient features, promoting sustainability, reducing environmental impact. This aligns with Metaloumin’s commitment to green practices and establishes Metaloumin as a forward-thinking provider in Kitwe.
Tenants within the Regional Shopping Center can expect improved functionality and
adaptability, in their retail spaces. The aluminum profiles offer customizable options,
facilitating innovative store layouts and displays, that enhance the overall shopping
experience for visitors.

C. Increased Natural Light and Ventilation
Metaloumin SA’s architectural aluminum profiles prioritize natural light and ventilation, creating a more pleasant and inviting atmosphere for both tenants and visitors. This design element fosters a welcoming environment, encouraging longer stays and repeat visits.

D. Community Engagement Opportunities
Beyond architectural excellence, Metaloumin SA and the Regional Shopping Center share an opportunity for community engagement. The completion of this project can mark the beginning of efforts to support local causes, in the Kitwe community.

Product References:
Metaloumin Aluminum Profile Series 8000 – Color RAL502 SAHARA

About The Nkana Regional Shopping Mall:
The Nkana Mall in Kitwe is a dynamic shopping destination committed to offering a diverse and
enjoyable retail experience. The center strives to be a hub for community activity and a catalyst for
local economic growth. Nkana Mall, Kitwe, Copperbelt, Zambia.

About Metaloumin SA:
Metaloumin SA is a leading aluminum extruding company dedicated to providing high-quality
solutions for architectural and photovoltaic applications. With a reputation for innovation and
excellence, Metaloumin SA continues to transform spaces with its state-of-the-art products. See page
legend, below for contact details .