Piraeus Tower: A Metaloumin Photovoltaic Mountings Sustainable Chart Topper

Piraeus Tower: A Metaloumin Photovoltaic Mountings Sustainable Chart Topper

Metaloumin Champions the Property’s Powerhouse

Recent completion of The Piraeus Tower, an architectural sensation nestled in the heart of Piraeus Port area, marked a crucial step towards advancing sustainable development and environmental stewardship. The outstanding feat was made possible through the expertise and dedication of Metaloumin, the subcontractor entrusted with fitting the property’s photovoltaic mountings.

Undertaken by TERNA S.A., a subsidiary of the GEK TERNA Group, the reconstruction of the Piraeus Tower is a transformative endeavor, revitalizing and redefining the iconic landmark. Through careful planning and execution, Metaloumin played a pivotal role in integrating renewable energy solutions into the fabric of the Piraeus Tower, reinforcing its commitment to sustainability.

Rising majestically, with 22 floors reaching a height of 88 meters, the Piraeus Tower, mainly designed for office use, encompasses a total built area of 34,600 square meters, housing office spaces, retail areas, and dining. With Metaloumin’s expertise, the recently completed photovoltaic installation at the rooftop stands as a testament to the Tower’s dedication to harnessing renewable energy sources.

Strategically positioned to maximize exposure to sunlight, the photovoltaic panels installed by Metaloumin will partially cover the electricity needs of the building, significantly reducing its carbon footprint and reliance on conventional energy sources. This sustainable initiative underscores the Piraeus Tower’s commitment to achieving Platinum certification under the LEED international sustainable development standard, making it the first digital, also WELL certified bioclimatic skyscraper in Greece.

As the photovoltaic installation reached completion, the Piraeus Tower celebrated a significant milestone in its journey towards sustainability, setting new standards for urban development. Metaloumin’s expertise and dedication in the installation of the photovoltaic system, were instrumental in realizing the vision of a greener, more resilient future for Piraeus and beyond.