Energy 16 (Sliding)

Energy 16 (Sliding)


ENERGY 16 series of METALOUMIN is a thermal break aluminum system, of high standards, which provides high protection from weather conditions and noises, ensuring ideal conditions in the interiors that it protects.


It is an excellent solution for the average Greek home, offering reliable technical solutions and energy savings.


With a choice of tubular guides in the ENERGY 16 PRO version


  • Timeless design that fully harmonizes with the line of METALOUMIN systems
  • Thermal insulation is achieved with the use of polyamides (16-22 mm)
  • Energy savings reducing heating and air conditioning costs
  • 2 types of sliding sashes in straight or curved lines
  • Low height of 35 mm of in-wall guide, which helps to avoid creating a step between the floor and the guide of the sliding panel
  • Specially designed triple guide (glass-screen-shutter), just 99mm wide for in-wall constructions with narrow opening, that makes it ideal for replacing old windows
  • With the possibility of tubular guides, with the profiles of ENERGY 16 PRO
  • Stainless steel rolling sheet
  • Easy and fast installation