Energy 22 (Opening)

Energy 22 (Opening)


ENERGY 22 of Metaloumin is an opening thermal break system of exceptional aesthetics and functionality.


It can have a simple or multi-locking locking mechanism and offer high levels of thermal and sound insulation.


It is a perfect combination of high aesthetics and functionality. It is designed to achieve fast and reliable assembly.


  • Multiple types of sashes available (small, large, opening-out, front doors)
  • 3 frame options (small, medium, large)
  • Glazing from 26 mm to 50 mm
  • Collaborates with Energy 16 profiles for complex constructions
  • Ability to select sashes with straight or curved lines
  • With the use of similar glazing (low-e) a thermal permeability coefficient (UW value) of 1.8 is achieved for the system
  • It ensures complete waterproofing, thanks to the specially designed drainage channels, but also because of the use of three EPDM waterproofing rubbers