Energy 45 (Sliding)

Energy 45 (Sliding)


ENERGY 45 series of METALOUMIN, is a retractable aluminum thermal break sliding system, ideal for large openings and excellent performance.


The new retractable ENERGY 45 system, is added to the successful range of ENERGY Thermo series, offering many possibilities and unrivaled features.


ENERGY 45 manages to harmoniously combine all the operational benefits of a conventional sliding system with a lifting mechanism, while at the same time it ranks competitively in the market in terms of thermal insulation, waterproofing and wind pressure resistance.


The philosophy and design goal of ENERGY 45 is the architectural aesthetics, functionality, durability but also the performance that it offers to the end user, while the flexibility and the ease of construction is our priority for the manufacturer.


  • The system is equipped with glass-reinforced polyamides 14 & 24mm, but also special type rubbers, that offer increased levels of thermal insulation and waterproofing
  • The straight lines combined with the low guide height of 38 mm, offer elegant and functional constructions that facilitate access
  • Central profile-hook width 50 mm at the point of overlap, for greater visibility and exploitation of natural light
  • The advanced lifting mechanism offers unrivaled functionality resulting in easy and quiet rolling of the sliding panels
  • Glazing capability up to 36mm and maximum glass weight up to 250 kg per sheet
  • Increased sealing levels with the use of EPDM rubbers on the panels
  • Possibility for a conventional sliding system as well
  • Special panel, able to accept energy glazing 38 mm thick
  • Stainless steel sheet rolling sheet
  • Advantageous construction either with conventional roller or with lifting mechanism (lift n slide)
  • Unique design with new hook plugs
  • Specially designed waterproofing blocks