METALOUMIN trims luxury rooms in… Acropolis!

In the historic Athenian city center, close to the Olympian Zeus Temple, the Acropolis Museum and the Panathenaic Stadium, “The Newel Acropolis” trusted METALOUMIN aluminum thermal insulation systems, to mix high aesthetics with functionality, and modern architectural design!

METALOUMIN aluminum envelope systems

Housed in a modern building with special architectural features, the impressive “The Newel Acropolis” invites visitors to experience the essence of modern hotel accommodation. The property generously provides the comfort, warmth, and clarity offered by the modern, fully certified aluminum building envelope systems of METALOUMIN.

Benefits to the Athenian hotel: improved energy efficiency, guest comfort and experience, and building safety and hygiene.

The city’s Mediterranean climate with hot, dry summers, mild winters, but also unexpected outbreaks, requires year-round comfortable indoor temperature, and energy consumption and cost reductions. With Metaloumin architectural aluminum systems, heat transfer between indoor and outdoor spaces was reduced, so as to maintain a comfortable temperature, without much dependence on heating-cooling systems.

In addition, external background noise was reduced. Especially important in city center hotels, where street and passers-by noise can be intense and continuous.

Good insulation helped maintain room cleanliness and hygiene since, customarily, insulation keeps dirt, pathogens and moisture from easily entering closed spaces.

Finally, installation of the METALOUMIN architectural profile contributed decisively to hotel safety, by improving door durability and usability.

All above, benefits that enhance overall business performance and competitiveness of the Acropolis property of The Newel Collection series.