Metaloumin Participates in the Praised “Renewable & Storage Forum”

Metaloumin joined the acclaimed Greek conference for renewable sources and energy storage, in an influential gathering hosted by EnergyPress, at InterContinental Hotel, Athens

Metaloumin and members of the Renewable Energy and Energy Storage sectors, attended the yearly “Renewable & Storage Forum“, organized for fifth consecutive time by EnergyPress. Attention peaked as the sector faced an increasingly demanding regulatory setup, with rapid technological change and a surge in investment interest.

The forum was held on November 2nd and 3rd, 2023, at the roomy Athenaeum InterContinental Ballroom (L. Syngrou 89-93), and drew together industry leaders and experts. Among the speakers were Mins. Th. Skilakakis (Min. of Environment and Energy) and K. Skrekas (Min. of Energy and Natural Resources), Director-General for Energy at the European Commission Ditte Juul Jorgensen, and other prominent guests.

Metaloumin, a distinguished firm in the sector, actively participated in the two-day, 110-speaker conference where, besides the core agenda, additional sessions met simultaneously in adjacent rooms, featuring specialized technical and corporate presentations.

The conference aired live in both Greek and English, and was available through the EnergyPress website, connected platforms, and various social media channels, involving a wider audience in the discussions and knowledge shared.

Metaloumin’s involvement in the conference, marked by active participation and contributions in the technical sessions, further solidified the firm’s commitment to innovation and interest in advancements on Renewable Energy and Energy Storage.

As the event concluded successfully, Metaloumin remained dedicated to leveraging new insights acquired and connections made, to continue driving progress within the industry, emphasizing sustainable solutions and technological growth.